“…extensive and high quality product range allied with flexibility, responsiveness and excellent customer service.”

About Glenstal Foods

About Us

Based in Murroe, in County Limerick, Ireland, Glenstal Foods was founded in 1995. From our location in the heart of “The Golden Vale” we have established strong relationships and key partnerships with multi national companies, specialising in key sectors of the Irish dairy food industry – retail, food service and manufacturing.

Our ethos is to work closely with our client base, understanding their needs and delivering outstanding service. We offer an extensive and high quality product range allied with flexibility, responsiveness and excellent customer service.

Glenstal Foods specialises in the sourcing and sales and marketing of quality dairy products and ingredients.

Ireland has always invoked images of rolling green meadows filled with lush green grass. The fresh unpolluted air coupled with soft clean rain showers ensures that the dairy herds of Ireland are feeding on the best of pastures, rich in nutrients.

Traditional farming practices have been maintained through the generations with the purest of creamy milk produced which is a key ingredient in so many of our premium Irish dairy products. Our dairy herds are grazing freely throughout most of the year, as the mild climate, supported by the warmth of the Gulf Stream, keeps the harsher winters felt in other parts of the world at bay.

Our product suite includes a wide range of quality cheeses, butters and dairy powders in a variety of formulations and convenient pack formats, tailored to our customer requirements.

Glenstal Foods listens to your requirements and specific needs and propose unique and competitive solutions in tandem with your business goals.

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Our Expertise

Glenstal Foods is innovative in its approach, and is a leading Irish Dairy food products comnpany, our expertise encompasses the following:

  • Irish dairy network (Irish sourcing and supplying)
  • International network (global sourcing and supplying)
  • Logistic expertise (transport by air, rail road and sea)
  • Logistic support (quality documents, certificates, import/export documents)
  • Technical support (product development, quality management and audits)
  • Reliability
  • Experience and knowledge (products, applications and market development)
  • Flexible solutions (We will endeavour to supply all your Dairy needs)

Traditional Irish Grated Cheddar Cheese Traditional Irish Extra Mature Cheddar Irish Salted Butter