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Glenstal Foods: Ingredients


We have an extensive range of options for the best butter Ireland has to offer:

Unsalted Sweet Cream Butter 25kg

Manufactured from fresh Irish cream with nothing added and nothing taken away.

Salted Sweet Cream Butter 25kg

Manufactured from fresh Irish cream.

Unsalted sweet cream butter is suitable for a wide range of tastes and uses

Unsalted Lactic Butter 25Kg

Manufactured from fresh cream produced from premium quality Irish milk. The taste of lactic butter is characterised by the lactic acid flavour which is favoured in Continental European.

Anhydrous Milk Fat (AMF) | Butteroil

A high quality pure butterfat produced from premium quality Irish cream.

Whey Butter

Can be salted or unsalted.


Butter is made by churning cream. Butter consists of butterfat, water and milk proteins.
It generally has a pale yellow colour. Its unmodified colour is dependent on the cow’s diet.


Our sweet cream butter is made solely from fresh pasteurized cream and lactic butter is similarly made from sweet butter with bacterial cultures and lactic acid added. Using this method, the cultured butter flavour grows as the butter is aged in cold storage.

AMF is butter fat concentrated to 99.8%.


Various kinds of butter are used in many different applications. For example in various bakery products and laminated dough, repacking, ice-cream, chocolate, confectionary and processed cheese.

Our service to you

Glenstal Foods offers you flexible solutions by delivering butter and AMF in a variety of compositions and packaging according to your requirements. If your sourcing globally for butter Ireland is a natural choice, and Glenstal Foods is a market leader in Irish butter services to the retail and catering sectors.

For further information on our butter products and butter wholesale services, please contact us on +353 61 386511