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Irish Cheese

We offer an extensive range of Irish dairy and food products to customers across the world. Our range includes Irish cheeses in pack formats tailored to your needs.

Traditional Irish Red Mild Grated Cheddar Traditional Irish Vintage Cheddar Glenstal Sliced Mature Irish Cheddar

Cheese product expertise, dairy category knowledge and many years of logistical experience are some of the elements that make Glenstal Foods the preferred partner.

With over 40 years of experience, our cheese grader takes a leading role in making sure only the best quality cheese is selected with the customers requirements to the fore.

Cheese Rack

The Glenstal Foods brand of Irish dairy products is available in many countries across the world from the US, Canada, UAE, South Africa to continental Europe.

Glenstal Foods Irish Cheese Production and Packaging

We are highly flexible in the production and packaging of our Irish cheese . Your requirements are our top priority. We will supply anything from single pallets to full containers.

Labelling of products is tailored to the country of destination, in line with all relevant food safety and labelling standards.

Our logistics are highly flexible and Glenstal Foods will facilitate both small and large orders.

Customised and Speciality Cheese Ireland

As an Irish Cheese Company, we have expertise in Customised Cheese such as Irish cheddar, reduced-fat cheddar, parmesan, mozzarella, to name a few and Speciality Cheese Ireland including farmhouse cheese, Cashel Blue, Crozier, and our own Glenstal Foods branded Irish Whiskey, Porter and Wine varieties.