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Ingredients: Milk Powder

Milk Powders

Skimmed Milk Powder
Medium Heat
Low Heat
High Heat Heat Stable
Instant SMP

At Glenstal Foods we supply an extensive range of high quality Skimmed Milk Powders, with properties suitable for a wide variety of applications such as yogurt, ice cream, chocolate and bakery.

We also select and identify Skimmed Milk Powder manufactured to the highest quality (ie to infant formula standard)

Full Cream Milk Powder (FMCP or WMP)

  • Regular 26%
  • Regular 28%
  • Instant 26%
  • Instant 28%
  • Vitaminised 26%
  • Vitaminised 28%

Full Cream Milk Powders are available with 26% and 28% fat levels. Instant, Agglomerated and Regular, produced to the most exacting of specifications.

Product can be shipped in either 25kg or bulk bags.

Irish Full Cream Milk Powder is internationally recognised , guaranteeing quality and traceability of supply, and is produced from cows fed on a natural, grass-based diet.


Full Cream Milk powder is a manufactured dairy product made by spray drying fresh milk. It may vary in composition, particle size and packaging. The heat treatment of milk during powder manufacturing is important for the taste, microbiological characteristics and application.


Full Cream Milk powders are used in many different applications, for example ice-cream, bakery, chocolate and meat & sauces industry and infant nutrition. Our R&D staff can assist you in your product development with their expertise in product technology.


Glenstal Foods offers you flexible solutions by delivering milk powders in a variety of composition, origin and packaging according to your requirements.

For further information on our milk powder products, please contact us on +353 61 386511 to request a product information.

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