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Milk Proteins and Milk Permeate

Milk Protein Concentrates 42%

Milk Protein Concentrates 80%


Milk Protein Powder is a concentrate of skim milk that is obtained by using ultra filtration. Milk protein concentrate ( MPC) is available with a protein content up to 90%


MPC’s have many different applications, for example in sports nutrition, cheese, yogurt, energy bars, drinks and meat to name a few. Milk proteins are also used as functional ingredient to stabilize emulsions and in the manufacture of toppings and foamers.

Milk Permeate

Milk Permeate is a by-product from the production of MPC by ultra filtration. Permeate contains the soluble parts of the milk, dairy salts and lactose. After concentrating the liquid permeate, the product is spray dried. Proper crystallization is important for the free flowing ability of the product.

Milk permeate also varies in composition, particle size and packaging. It has many different applications, for example in confectionary products or as a filler for food products or a carrier for seasonings.

Our service to you

A key Dairy Products Company, Glenstal Foods offers you flexible solutions by delivering proteins in the variety of composition, origin and packaging according to your requirements.

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