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Irish Creamery Salted Butter, Retail Butter services from Ireland Dairy ingredients Company Glenstal Foods

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Irish Creamery Salted Butter


Glenstal Foods, leading Ireland Butter supplier proudly brings you Irish creamery butter.

Traditionally churned and packed in parchment, Glenstal Foods Irish Creamery Salted Butter is a delicious addition to your table. Enjoy the richness and creaminess of Irish churned butter.

Use on scones, bagels and your favourite sandwich. In cooking, use in sauces and in baked goods.

Specifications & Pack Options

Ingredients: Pasteurized cream, salt
Destination: North America
UPC/EAN Code:760091102761
Unit Size:227g/8oz
Case Pack: 20
Net Case Weight: 4.54kg/10lbs
Gross Case Weight:4.66kg/10.27lbs
Case Dimensions (Inches): 10.63 x 73.87 x 4.92
Pallet (Ti x High): 18 x 15
Shelf Life: 120 days

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