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Glenstal Foods: Ingredients

Whey Powder

  • Acid whey powder
  • Sweet whey powder
  • Whey permeate powder
  • Fat Filled whey powder


Whey powders are a manufactured by spray drying liquid whey. Whey is a by-product of cheese and/or casein production. Sweet whey is manufactured during the manufacture of cheese such as Cheddar or Swiss and also from the production of rennin casein. Acid whey is produced during the manufacture of acid casein or cottage cheese.


Whey powders may vary in composition, particle size and packaging. The region, the type of processing and the cheese made from the milk may influence the whey. particularly in terms of flavour.


Various kinds of whey powder are used in many different applications, for example in infant nutrition, ice-cream and bakery. Glenstal Foods offer you flexible solutions by delivering whey powders, to suit your specific application.

Whey Protein Concentrade (WPC)

We offer Whey Protein Concentrate in the following formats:

  • WPC 35%
  • WPC 35% high gel
  • WPC 60%
  • WPC 80%
  • WPC 85%
  • WPC 85% Instant

Manufactured from premium quality fresh whey ultra filtered concentrate and spray dried and derived from the production of cheese or casein.

Demineralised Whey Powder

  • Demin 50%
  • Demin 90%

Manufactured from premium quality fresh whey which is demineralisation, evaporated and spray dryed.

For further information on our whey powder products, please contact us on +353 61 386511 to request product information.

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