About Us

Glenstal Foods is an award-winning Irish dairy company. Based in Murroe, County Limerick. We've built our business in the heart of Ireland's lush Golden Vale, specialising in critical sectors of the Irish dairy food industry – retail, food service and manufacturing.

Since 1995, we've established solid relationships and key partnerships with multinational companies, sending our premium Irish dairy products worldwide.

Our Ethos

Our ethos has always been about working closely with our clients. We work hard to gain a thorough understanding of your needs so that we can provide a flexible and responsive service that always delivers.

We act as your partner, taking all of your unique requirements into consideration and proposing bespoke, competitive solutions that are firmly aligned with your business goals.


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Interested in learning more about a partnership with Glenstal Foods? Contact our sales team. They’re experienced, responsive and they’d love to hear from you.

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