Purity of Source

Rolling green meadows, soft clean pastures and fresh unpolluted air...Ireland's Golden Vale is synonymous with premium quality dairy. At Glenstal Foods, we’re proud to share Ireland’s finest dairy produce, a carefully curated selection that celebrates our nation and its farming tradition.

Our dairy herds roam freely outdoors from May to September, the time of year when our lush green grass is most tender and rich in nutrients. We marry traditional farming practices with modern day technology to produce creamy summer milk. This special milk is the secret behind the uniquely rich yellow of our butter and the distinct character of our cheese. We never use artificial additives or flavours. Our butter and cheese are just as they should be – a celebration of the real taste of home.

Our Tradition

From our farmers to our recipe makers and our seasoned cheese graders, we come together with a common belief that’s clearly reflected across our distinctive range. It’s a belief in our farms, our people, our heritage and in doing things the proper traditional way.

We’re purveyors of real butter and cheese. It’s honest and true because that’s how we live life in the heart of Ireland’s lush dairy grasslands.

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