At Glenstal Foods, quality is everything.

Our processes are fully compliant with all relevant food hygiene and safety legislation in Ireland, Europe and beyond. We work closely with our customers to meet their specified quality standards. That way we can guarantee premium quality Irish dairy products that are 100% safe and legal.

We have a number of processes in place that ensure all our products are sourced, prepared, packaged, stored and transported in a way that doesn't compromise safety or quality.

- The implementation of procedures and controls described in this Food Safety & Quality Manual
- Implementation of HACCP according to Codex Alimentarius principles
- Formal supplier approval and product quality and safety monitoring
- Staff training
- Management monitoring and review

Quality Promise

Premium Irish dairy products and ingredients that always meet the mark.

Since 1995, we’ve built long-term partnerships with customers and suppliers that share the same commitment to quality as we do. We only ever source products reflect these high quality standards. The Glenstal Foods Quality Team is highly skilled and resourced to ensure the product safety, legality and specified quality of the products we supply.

We’re proud to be accredited to the BRC Global Standard for Agents and Brokers, Grade AA

The BRC Agents & Broker standard is implemented because we as a trading company:
– play an essential role in the movement of products
– provide a critical link in the chain of custody
– influence the product safety and quality standards of our suppliers
– are responsible for maintaining an effective chain of traceability

The companies we source products from are also accredited to the BRC standard for Food Safety. Similarly,the majority of our storage and distribution partners would also hold the BRC standard for Storage and Distribution.

In addition, products may be certified to Kosher or Halal as required.

Origin Green

Glenstal Foods are a verified Origin Green member of Ireland’s pioneering food and drink sustainability programme initiated by  Bord Bia (Irish Food board). 

As a member Glenstal Foods  have committed to a mandatory mix of target areas specified by the Origin Green Charter.  The mandatory areas, from which targets are set, form the basis of a business’s 5 year sustainability plan.

Glenstal foods have focused on the following areas:

  • Reduction in Energy and water consumption in the office building
  • Reduction in amount of plastic in film used to pack cheese products
  • Reducing “offcut” waste during production runs of cheese products
  • Introduction of low fat cheese options
  • Ongoing investment in local community projects and charities.

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