Whey Powder

A by-product of cheese, casein and milk protein concentrate production.

WPC 35/80/WPI 90
Derived from the process of ultra-filtrating whey concentrate. The concentrated protein fraction is dried and agglomerated into a well-dissolving powder.

- WPC80 Regular
- WPC80 Instant
- WPC35 High Gel
- WPC35 High Fat
- WPC35 Regular

Sweet Whey Powder
This product results from the manufacturing of cheese or of rennet caseins. 

Sweet Whey Fact Sheet

Acid Whey
Acid whey powder is manufactured by spray drying fresh whey derived from acid casein production. It has a higher acid number and lower lactose content than sweet whey. As a result, acid whey powder has a more neutral flavour and does not require flavour enhancers to mask taste but still delivers the essential whey component.

Acid Whey Fact Sheet

Demineralised Whey Powder
Manufactured by spray drying sweet liquid whey concentrate and selectively separating most of its minerals. Demineralised whey powder contains lactose as well as serum proteins and delivers a high nutritional benefit.

- Demin 40
- Demin 50
- Demin 70
- Demin 90

Whey Permeate
Whey permeate is obtained by using ultrafiltration during the production of whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate. It has good solubility and a pleasant dairy flavour. Whey permeate offers all the benefits of lactose at a more economical price.


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