Buttermilk Powders

Buttermilk powder is produced by spray drying buttermilk, which comes from the churning of cream into butter during the butter making process. Buttermilk powder has a nutritional composition similar to skimmed milk powder, but with a higher fat content.

- 4-8% fat
- >11% fat
- Low spore
- Low heat
- Medium heat
- High heat
- Heat stable


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Nutritional Analysis (MBP 4-8%)

Typical Value Per 100g
Energy 376kcal/1550kj
Protein 33
Fat 5.5
of which Saturates 3.6
Carbohydrate 50
of which Lactose 50
Dietary Fibre 0
Salt 1.3
Ash 8
Microbiological Values
Microbiological Criteria

Maximum limits
Standard Plate Count (TBC/TPC) 20,000/g
Coliform Neg/0.1g
E. Coli Neg/0.1g
Yeast & Mould <50/g
Coagulase-positive Staphylococci Neg/g
Salmonella Neg/375g
Enterobacteriaceae Neg/g
Recombined products such as evaporated milk, sweetened condensed milk and Ultra Heat Treated milk
Dairy Spreads
Ice Cream
Soups and Sauces
25kg Bags 700kg Bags
Bag Material Paper bag with Polyethylene liner 100% Polypropylene & LDPE inner liners
Bag Size 25kg 1000kg
Number of bags per layer/layers per pallet 4 bags per layer, 10 layers per pallet 1 Bag per pallet
Pallet type Wooden heat treated ISPM 15 pallets, 1200 mm x 1000 mm, stretched wrapped
Storage Conditions Store in cool and dry conditions (<25 c with a relative humidity <65%) and away from strong odours and direct sunlight
Shelf Life 24 months from manufacture

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